Cuba Boosts Renewable Energy

Cuba produces 5 percent of its energy out of renewable sources, and 90 percent of that amount comes from the sugar industry, said the vice-president of the CUBASOLAR agency, Julio Torres during a lecture given (Tuesday) at the Cuban United Nations Association.


The executive said that in order to increase this environment-friendly energy the country needs to increase sugar cane production and carry out a technological upgrade in sugar plants.


Meanwhile, as to wind energy, Torres was optimistic by pointing to several high potential wind farms built in the eastern and western parts of the country, plus a new 30-megawatt farm in the works also in eastern Cuba.


During the lecture, participants called the 11th International Forum CUBASOLAR 2014 to take place April 21-25 in the locality of Varadero, western Matanzas province. The event will focus on the contruction of a sustainable solar energy system.


Also on the agenda was the setting up of the Working Group on Renewable Energy Sources, under joint coordination by CUBASOLAR and the Cuban UN Association. This group will foster education and information on the important energy issue in Cuba.