German Wind Data Management to be Introduced in the United States

EWC Weather Consult GmbH, a German weather service provider who does business in numerous international markets, is now also bringing its complex service portfolio, including its wind and weather data management solutions, into the U.S. market. The AWEA WINDPOWER Conference & Exhibition, hosted in Las Vegas from May 5 – 8, 2014, will welcome decision-makers and distributors, investors and project developers representing the North American wind energy industry. The wind experts from Karlsruhe will be located in the German Pavilion at booth 4229_Fand introduce to the professionals attending the tradeshow an innovative MCP(Measure Correlate Predict) process for wind measurements along with a simulation tool for virtual expansion scenarios using renewable energies, wind and solar power forecasts as well as solutions for the optimum combination of forecasts.

This large scale wind industry event is an exhibition and a conference at the same time. EWC, a leading weather service provider in the European energy sector since 1999, will actively use this international platform to network with planners, project developers, investors as well as grid and wind energy operators from North America. They focus on the complex physical wind forecasts, calibrated measuring data and a wide variety of forecast models as well as model parameters, MERRA re-analyses and other wind data sources.
For the American market, EWC will also offer high resolution, real time wind (and solar) power forecasts for improved intra-day and day-ahead forecasts, which are based on the latest machine learning process technologies and as a result, deliver forecasts that contain far fewer errors. The latest feed-in data from existing parks can be used for short term forecasts to further optimize the intra-day forecasts.
The wind potential analysis, which is already established on the German market and delivers results in just a few minutes, will now be complemented with comprehensive wind and yield time series overseasas well. EWC’s fair package sent to the tradeshow also includes the world’s best long term correction process (MCP) for measurement data. Based on highly complex, deep and broad neuronal networks using state-of-the-art technology, it drastically reduces the yield uncertainties of wind energy projects while it simultaneously boosts the chance that the yield data generated will be realistic and/or the margins can be computed with the highest possible accuracy. It is considered the basis for wind assessment reports and desktop studies.
Besides weather forecasts that are available around the world based onglobal, official weather data and high resolution forecast models, new products introduced at the show will be meteorological time series and fields based on MERRA re-analysis data as well as simulative calculations. These make 35-year long term comparisons of the latest power production data possible and thus provide the foundation for a rigorous assessment of the current renewable energy plant parks.
Given that EWC will both, attend the conference and also speak at the event, it will have the opportunity to present itself as an expert in two topics: “„From Ensembles to Probabilistic Wind Power Forecasts – HowCrucial Is the Ensemble Size?” and “Novel MCP Method Based on Deep Neural Networks for Long-term Correction in Wind Resource Assessment.” Moreover, under the heading “Avoid Common Simplification Errors & Use New Parametric Downscaling of Thermal Circulations” EWC will also participate in the poster session on wind resource assessment.
As an independent, private weather service provider, EWC supplies time- and location-specific weather data, archives, expertises and forecasts as well as lightning and climate statistics for enterprises in the insurance and energy industry, for official authorities as well as for the sports & leisure time sector. By means of the latest internet technology as well as time- and location-specific data, meteorologists prepare shortand medium-term forecasts and make statements to all weather conditions in Germany and abroad. The company was founded in 1999.