Wind Power Development in China

In the year of 2013, 9,356 new wind turbines were installed in China (excluding Taiwan), bringing the total installed wind turbines to 63,120. The cumulative installed wind energy capacity reached 91,412.89 MW with the addition of 16,088.7 MW within 2013, and the annual growth rate of new and cumulative installed capacity, both on the very top of the global wind energy market, is 24.1% and 21.4%, respectively.

In 2013, the development of wind power in some regions has speeded up, particularly in Northwest and Central South China. In Northwest regions, the new installed capacity reached 5435.2 MW, with a breaking annual growth rate of 76.7%, while in Central South the new installed capacity almost doubled comparing with that in 2012, even though it was only 1814.8 MW. In addition, North China
added 3505.05 MW during 2013 and the annual growth rate is 13.4%.
The Northeast and Southwest China regions saw a decelerated growth in 2013. In the Northeast, new installed capacity is 1645.2 MW, falling 22.4% on an annual basis, and this is the third year of its successive decrease of growth rate. The sharp drop of new installation in Yunnan Province, from 1031.75 MW in 2012 to 520 MW in 2013, leads to a modest installation record in the Southwest, where only 1307.7 MW were added and falling 10.7%.
On a provincial level, the new installed capacity of the top five (Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Shandong, Ningxia) totaled 8275.7 MW, accounting for 51.4% of the national new installation in the past year. For the top three Provinces, Xinjiang added 3146 MW, increasing 217%, Inner Mongolia newly installed 1646.5 MW, growing 47%, and Shanxi 1308.95 MW with a annual growth rate of 27.6%.
Inner Mongolia, Hebei and Gansu Provinces are still the biggest three in terms of cumulative installed capacity at the end of 2013, with cumulative installation of 20270.31 MW, 8499.9 MW and 7095.95 MW, respectively.
Thanks to the performance in 2013, Shandong exceeded Liaoning and took the fourth place with a cumulative installation of 6980.5 MW, leaving Liaoning the fifth with 6758.01 MW.

Chinese offshore wind energy made slow progress in 2013, and only Dongfang, Envision and  nited Power had installation in the intertidal zone projects. 21 offshore wind turbines were installed in China during 2013, a decrease of 54% comparing to 2012, with a new installation of 39 MW, 69% less than the previous year. At the end of 2013, there are 428.6 MW installed offshore wind power
capacity in China.
The 39 MW installed during 2013 was located in intertidal zones, where the cumulative installed capacity reached 300.5 MW by the end of 2013, while the rest 128.1 MW was installed in near shore waters.
Sinovel, Goldwind and Siemens account for the major share in offshore wind turbine manufacturers in China, and 2MW and above was most installed type. Among them, the wind turbines from Sinovel and Siemens were mainly installed in offshore projects, while Goldwind mostly in intertidal zone projects.

The average capacity of new wind turbines installed in 2013 was 1720 kW, 4.4% growth compared to that in 2012. The average capacity of cumulative installed wind turbines was 1448 kW, increasing 3.3% than that of 2012.
Among the new installed wind turbines, units of less than 1 MW only took up 0.8%. 1.5 MW was most installed type and accounted for 51% in the new installation, with a decrease of 13% compared to 63.7% of 2012. 2 MW wind turbines’ market share increased from 26.1% in 2012 to 31.6% in 2013.
During 2013, 2 MW and above wind turbines’ (2.1 MW, 2.3 MW, 2.5 MW, 3 MW, 4 MW, 5 MW) market share achieved 13.8%, of which mainly 2.5 MW and 2.1 MW and the number of wind turbines installed were 469 and 213, respectively. 79 turbines of 2.3 MW, 1 turbine of 4 MW and 1 of 5 MW were installed as well.

Among the cumulative installations, turbines of less than 1 MW was only 9.7%, and 1.5 MW was still the major type with a proportion of 65.4%, though 3% less than 2012. 2 MW wind turbines’ market share reached 16.6%, and 2.5 MW and above raised to 3.5%.
Manufacturing Industry
The top 20 wind turbine manufacturers had taken 96% of Chinese wind energy market in 2013.
Goldwind had installed 3750.25 MW in 2013 and ranked No.1 with the market share of 23.3%. Those ranked No.2 to No.5 were United Power, Ming Yang, Envision and XEMC-Wind.
Their new installations were 1487.5 MW, 1286 MW, 1128.1 MW and 1052 MW, respectively.
The top 5 had taken 54.1% of the market share, 6% decrease compared to that of 2012.

Among the top 5 manufacturers, the annual growth rate in terms of new installation of United Power decreased 26.7% compared to its 2012 performance.

The other four companies’growth rate, namely Goldwind, Ming Yang, Envision and XEMC-Wind, were up to 48.7%, 13.5%, 107.4% and 17.8%, respectively.

In 2013, China Guodian Corporation (CGC) (Guodian Longyuan included) occupied the first place in terms of new installed capacity with 1751.1MW (Longyuan 1055.1MW), accounting for 10.9% of the total new installed capacity.


In 2013, there were seven Chinese wind turbine manufacturers had export records, and 341 Chinese turbines, which equals to 692.35 MW, were installed in overseas markets, increasing 51.1% and 60.6% on the basis of 2012, respectively. By the end of 2013, Chinese manufacturers have exported 748 wind turbines with a total capacity of 1392.5 MW.
These turbines scatter in 27 countries, reaching 8 more markets than in 2012.