Join the Race To the Clean Energy Future

Crowdsourcing platform Join the Race to the Clean Energy Future is helping development of cutting-edge ideas on how to improve renewable energy technologies and their integration into urban environments.

Join the Race to the Clean Energy Future is Enel Green Power’s crowdsourcing platform aimed at creating a sustainable future, through which it will address the online public and combine the active involvement of stakeholders and the Enel Group’s commitment to innovation.

The platform was created to collect and develop cutting-edge ideas in one of the three areas that EGP’s Innovation Area is focusing on: improving plant performance, integrating renewable energy into anthropised environments and making use of new resources like marine energy.

Users only need to provide personal data and a valid email address to be able to log in to the dedicated area of the EGP website.

Users can supply information regarding their proposal in a maximum of 2000 characters, making sure to mention what distinguishes it from existing technologies, the expected benefits in terms of production performance, any legal issues and cost per installed megawatt, as well as any possible air, visual and acoustic pollution.

These ideas, proposals and projects will be looked over by a team of experts from EGP’s Innovation Area, who within five weeks from when each proposal is sent in will ask the users of the platform to further explore them, come up with suggestions and decide if joint activity is worthwhile.