Renewable energy in Brazil

EGP CEO Francesco Starace spoke at the opening ceremony of the 15th edition of Energy Resources Management Masters organised by Safe. The event centred on renewable energy in Brazil.

‘Brazil, alongside Mexico, is the most promising market for development in Latin America. Enel Green Power is participating in the country’s energy development through serious and advanced processes,’ said Enel Green Power CEO Francesco Starace at the opening ceremony of the 15th Energy Resources Management Masters, which was organised by the non-profit association SAFE (Environmental Sustainability Energy sources) and held at the Brazilian Embassy in Rome on February 17.

The event centred on growth prospects in the Latin American nation, in particular regarding the development of renewable energy and the closing of the energy divide. With a gross domestic product of about $2trillion, Brazil has committed to enabling electricity access to the country’s entire population, and through use of its huge resources, support the rapid growth of energy demand through increasing use of renewable energy sources.

Taking part in the event were the Brazilian Ambassador Ricardo Neiva Tavares, who made the opening speech, the president of SAFE Raffaele Chiulli, the CEO of CESI Matteo Codazzi, the CEO of Terna Plus Alessandro Fiocco, and the CEO of RenEn Orazio Privitera. The closing speeches were made by the director general of the Italian Ministry of the Environment Corrado Clini and Guido Bortoni from the Authority for Electricity, Gas and the Water system, whose presence was a testament to the interest shown by Italian businesses towards not only Brazil but the whole of South America.

EGP’s CEO, who participated in the conference as an international leader of green energy management and development, used his speech to stress the particular usefulness of renewable energy technology in Brazil, due to the country’s extraordinary natural resources.

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