California, Florida, Washington Have Electric Vehicles Sales

Los Angeles continues to lead the nation in the number of electric vehicle sales, but Atlanta showed the greatest growth surge in the fourth quarter of last year, with sales up 52 percent from the third quarter.

ChargePoint released a list of the Top 10 Regions with the largest growth of electric vehicle sales, with ranking based on percentage of growth from the third to the fourth quarters of 2013.

The Los Angeles region has the largest number of EV sales in the fourth quarter (over 5,000) and the highest number of EVs total (27,411), Atlanta, with sales of over 3,000 in Q4, led the nation with a 52 percent increase, followed by Washington D.C. with a 21 percent growth. Portland came in third, just slightly above Los Angeles with the Bay Area, San Diego, Chicago, Seattle, Miami and Detroit following close behind.

ChargePoint says the market is growing as the number of networks to charge cars continues to expand. The