Lithuania wind energy reaches 600 GWh in 2013

Wind power in Lithuania generated 600 gigawatt hours, which accounts for 6 percent of all power generation in the country, The Baltic Course reported.



Wind power capacity totaled 279 megawatts in late 2013 and wind production totaled the most out of all renewable energy resources.


In June, Estonia-based renewable energy developer Nelja Energia AS completed a $76.5 million wind energy plant in Ciuteliai, 11 miles from the coast of the Baltic Sea, Bloomberg reported. The Ciuteliai plant is the largest wind farm in Lithuania with a capacity of 39.1 megawatts.


The Lithuanian Wind Power Association expects installed capacity will reach 500 MW by 2015. The European Union has a target of meeting 23 percent of energy consumption with renewable energy resources.


Director of the Lithuanian Wind Power Association Saulius Piksrys said wind power can generate more electricity in the country.


“Although, the existing 500 MW capacity limit has to be increased, in order to continue stable production growth of wind power,” he said in a statement. “Advance in technology has a potential to reduce the electricity price, while businesses are ready to invest in further development of wind power.”