Czech wind energy generation up 15 pct in 2013

Czech wind power generation increased by 15 percent to 478 gigawatt hours (GWh) last year, which accounted for 0.55 percent of gross domestic electricity production, the Czech Wind Energy Association (CSVE) has said.

The figure is an equivalent of annual consumption of around 136,000 households, CSVE said.

CSVE head Michal Janecek stated that wind power generation is in a slowdown.

Installed capacity of wind farms reached 268 MW last year, and only four projects were accomplished in 2013, according to the association.

“Wind farm numbers are growing at a very slow pace, except for 2012, which was an exceptional year. The national action plan reckons with an annual rise of 45 MW and with a total installed capacity of wind power plants to reach 743 MW by the year 2020,” said Janecek.

The 2020 target will not be met, he said referring to regional as well nation-wide measures involving legislative changes, which lead to restrictions on renewable energy.

CSVE data showed that purchasing prices of wind energy decreased by an annual rate of 5 percent to Kc2.12/kWh, the lowest price of the renewable energy sources.

Purchasing prices of solar energy dropped to Kc2.83/kWh from Kc6.16/kWh in 2012.

Purchasing prices of energy from small hydroelectric plants stood at Kc3.23/kWh.

Petr Hlinomaz, an analyst with BH Securities, pointed out that the Czech wind power use coefficient ranges from 4 to 14 percent while the rate is between 20 and 30 percent for onshore wind farms.

Wind power generation in CR (GWh)

year output
2005 21.3
2006 49.4
2007 125.1
2008 243.9
2009 289.9
2010 335.6
2011 397.1
2012 415.6
2013 478.0

Source: CSVE

Total capacity of wind turbines in MW

year total (MW) net annual growth (MW)
2005 28
2006 54 26
2007 116 62
2008 148 32
2009 192 44
2010 215 23
2011 217 2
2012 260 43
2013 268 8

Source: CSVE