Russian Railways Logistics urgently delivers Mitsubishi electric cars to Sochi Olympics

Russian Railways Logistics organized rail forwarding of electric cars produced by Mitsubishi from Moscow to Olympic Sochi in record time of less than two days.

Extreme weather conditions in Southern Russia, namely sharp temperature drop and heavy snowfalls, caused traffic jams on federal highways, which did not allow to use truck forwarding.

Thus Olympic cargo was delivered by more reliable rail transport due to timely and coordinated actions of Russian Railways Holding subsidiaries and divisions.

February 1 night Russian Railways Logistics team loaded the cargo into RailTransAuto carriages and fixed it on Kuntsevo 2 terminal and provided transportation documents. In the framework of this project RZD Logistics participated both as a consignor and consignee. On February 2 cargo reached Veseloe station of the North Caucasus Railway, where the local division of Russian Railways Logistics provided unloading services and delivered electric cars to Sochi Olympic freight yard. The total delivery time amounted to record 39 hours.