2013 to be record year for offshore wind energy

New marine renewables test centre to boost Scotland's offshore wind energy

Scotland's ability to meet its renewable energy targets will be significantly boosted by the creation of a new Marine Renewables Test Centre at the University of Dundee.

The Centre will become a leading facility for the development, design and testing of marine renewable construction materials and prototype foundations.

'Scotland is well placed to deliver offshore wind and marine renewables and meet its ambitious targets for 2020 but there are still some significant challenges to be addressed,' said Professor Rod Jones, Head of the new Centre.

'Although considerable progress has been made in developing and manufacturing turbines, the main challenges now lie in the design, commissioning and deployment of key structural components such as concrete foundations for offshore wind farms.

'We have world-leading expertise at Dundee in the development of concrete technology and the modelling of novel foundation solutions. This new Centre will build on that and be integral to the provision of, demonstration and certification of marine materials and structures, which are particularly needed by industry if we are to successfully deploy the systems required to exploit Scotland's natural resources in wind and marine energy.

'The renewables sector is one that has been predicted to create up to 40,000 jobs and