ERG Renew: completed new wind farm in Romania

Renew, a joint venture between ERG Renew and LUKOIL- Ecoenergo, has finalised the construction and commissioning of the Topolog-Dorobantu wind farm in the Romanian region of Tulcea (see Press Release dated 17 December 2012).

The wind farm was connected to the national grid last November and turbine testing activities are currently underway.

The new facility, which comprises 41 Vestas V90 2 MW wind turbines, has an installed capacity of 82 MW, to which another 2 MW will be added during the coming months, as soon as construction of the last turbine authorised in December 2013 has been completed. When fully operational, the facility will generate more than 200 GWh of electricity per year, corresponding to around 85 kt of avoided CO2 emissions.

The construction of the new wind farm has allowed LUKERG Renew to significantly enhance its presence in the Romanian wind market, placing itself among the sector’s leading operators, with a total installed capacity of 150 MW.