Small-Scale Solar Power Photovoltaic PV Market Trends

The solar PV industry is forecast to reach 49 GW in 2014, representing strong growth compared to 36 GW in 2013. However, the 49 GW total addressable market (TAM) is really the combination of two distinct served addressable markets (SAMs): small and large-scale solar installations.

In this, the first part of a two-blog release from NPD Solarbuzz, the details of the small-scale segment are reviewed and discussed. The second part will deal exclusively with the large-scale SAM.

Defining the Served Markets for Solar

Small and large-scale solar PV projects are differentiated in component supply (modules and inverters) and project build-out (developers, installers, downstream channels to market).

Most companies choose to optimize internal operations and sales/marketing efforts towards one of these segments, and often have different strategies within certain regions, countries or