Iberdrola Renewables Files Application to Build Wind Farm in Danbury and Alexandria

Iberdrola Renewables said that it formally submitted an application to the New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee to build a new wind farm in Danbury and Alexandria.

If approved, the Wild Meadows Wind Farm would become the company’s third wind power project in the state, following wind farms in Lempster and Groton that went on-line in 2008 and 2012 respectively, the Company noted in a release.

Iberdrola said that the proposed project would feature 23 modern wind turbines, 15 in Danbury and eight in Alexandria, and is projected to produce enough clean energy to power approximately 30,000 average homes each year and 90,000 homes at peak production.

“Tax benefits for residents and increased yield-per-acre for loggers will be a huge help to those of us who have farmed or logged our land for generations,” said Fred Platts, a farmer and resident of Alexandria. “This is about protecting the small towns of the Lakes Region and preserving our rural way of life.”

Estimated economic impacts include first year payments of $695,000 to the Town of Danbury, $370,000 to the Town of Alexandria, up to $565,000 for New Hampshire’s general revenue fund and $280,000 to the local landowners. Ongoing annual payments to the towns would start at approximately $545,000 to Danbury and $325,000 to Alexandria, with 2.5 percent annual increases.



Besides these significant additions to the local tax base, the Project will provide substantial economic benefits to New Hampshire during the construction and operations phases.

“Some of New Hampshire’s wildlife, like moose, are in serious decline thanks to our shorter winters as the climate warms,” said retired New Hampshire wildlife biologist Eric Orff. “To conserve our rich biological heritage in New Hampshire, we must transition to well-sited clean energy sources like wind, and quickly.” The SEC review process is expected to last approximately one year.