Block of Wind Energy in Quebec

The Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) is pleased with the launch of the request for proposals, announced today by Hydro-Québec, for the production by 2017 of a 450 MW block of wind energy. This call for power will give Quebec the tools it needs to put competition to work for the benefit of its residents. Everyone in Quebec will see a diversified energy mix, competitive pricing will be maintained, and very significant benefits will be generated for both the host communities and the rest of the province.

“We are happy to see the Quebec government acting on its word. It continues to support and encourage the development of the wind energy sector, and in doing so, it is maintaining thousands of good jobs. By committing to the production of clean and renewable energy—at a competitive price compared to all new electricity to come online in 2013—it is giving Quebec an important avenue for economic development,” said Jean-François Nolet, CanWEA’s vice-president of policy and government affairs. The 3,300 MW of wind energy to be commissioned by 2015 will count for less than 5 per cent of Hydro-Québec Distribution’s energy supply.

As Quebec prepares its new energy policy, it has the opportunity to solidify its position as a North American wind energy producer and attract new investments to the province. “By implementing a steady, stable framework for the wind energy sector, Quebec can claim its place as a North American leader in wind energy and encourage the growth and development of the sector in Quebec, which is already headed toward the export market,” Nolet added.

The Quebec wind energy sector employs more than 5,000 people, including hundreds in high-tech jobs in large centres such as Montréal. “Quebec’s wind energy industry continues to offer its full co-operation to the government to ensure the sector’s role as a driver of growth for Quebec and its regions, a co-operation that is needed to closely monitor all steps of project implementation and to avoid additional delays,” said Nolet.

CanWEA extends congratulations to the companies and communities responding to this call for power. Their participation is proof of the promising future of Quebec’s wind energy sector.

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