RWE axes

The project’s developer, RWE Innogy, said that it had made the decision because it was ‘not the right time’ for the wind farm to go ahead.

Technical challenges within the Bristol Channel Zone are significant, including substantially deeper waters and adverse seabed conditions.
Costs to overcome such technical challenges are prohibitive in current market conditions.
RWE to focus on progressing more technically and economically viable offshore projects.
RWE Innogy has reviewed the Atlantic Array Project and the Round 3 Bristol Channel Zone. In comparison with other opportunities in the UK offshore wind portfolio, and in light of the significant technical challenges specific to the zone, identified from intensive research, at the current time, it is not viable for RWE to continue with development in the Bristol Channel Zone.

As the offshore wind industry develops over the next decade and on the back of more viable technologies being demonstrated, expected innovation and cost reduction may in the future open up opportunities in the more challenging areas, such as in the Bristol Channel.
The Crown Estate has agreed to RWE Innogy