Vestas launches the V105-3.3 MW for windy and turbulent conditions

The V105-3.3 MW – optimised for high wind sites with tip height restrictions – has been launched to the market, providing a competitive product offering in countries such as the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Vestas has developed the V105-3.3 MW wind turbine, expanding the flexibility of the proven and popular 3 MW platform. The turbine is aimed at key markets with maximum tip height restrictions such as the UK and Ireland, as well as the IEC 1A high wind and high turbulence wind class.

According to UK government expectations, the onshore wind market in the UK will increase by 3.5-5.5 GW by 2020. Around two thirds of the market is restricted to operating tip heights of up to 127m. The market is characterised by high and turbulent wind conditions.