Offshore Wind Power: AREVA, Entrepose Projets and Four

AREVA (Paris:AREVA), Entrepose Projets, a subsidiary of Entrepose Contracting, and Fouré Lagadec have signed an industrial partnership agreement for the manufacturing of AREVA’s offshore turbine masts destined for the future wind farms in France and in the south of United Kingdom.


Already selected in 2012 for the Saint-Brieuc bay offshore park, AREVA is currently part of the GDF Suez – EDPR – Neoen Marine consortium, for the tender of the Tréport and Noirmoutier-Yeu offshore wind farms.


Under the terms of this agreement, Entrepose Projets will manufacture, through CMP Dunkerque, its subsidiary specialized in high technology welding located in Dunkirk, the two upper part sections of the turbine mast.


Fouré Lagadec, a company based in Le Havre, will manufacture the lower section of those masts, made possible by an investment of several million euros in new industrial equipment.


This agreement will create almost 200 jobs and will support the long-term establishment of the offshore wind sector in France through the development of industrial expertise in the regions of Haute Normandie and Nord-Pas-de-Calais.


“This agreement constitute a major step in the establishment of the AREVA’s industrial offshore plan in France: the offshore wind sector is progressing, bringing jobs and re-industrialization to local regions,” declared Louis-François Durret, Senior Executive Vice-President of the Renewable Energies Business Group.


For Bruno Marcé, Chief Operating Officer of Entrepose Contracting: “This agreement with AREVA lays the foundation for the reinforcement of the boiler making industry and the development of CMP Dunkerque’s competencies in offshore wind power.”


Gilles Fournier, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Fouré Lagadec Group declared: “Thanks to new, modern production methods, Fouré Lagadec will be able to mass-produce the turbine masts in Le Havre. This represents a promising new area for our company and sixty new jobs in our town.”




Fouré Lagadec, established in 1922, is organized around 3 activities: boiler manufacture, industrial maintenance and Marine.


Foure Lagadec designs and manufactures welded and pressure vessels. Our company based in Le Havre employs 1 650 people worldwide.



Entrepose Projets specializes in the engineering and construction of complex industrial projects in the field of oil and gas and more generally in the field of energy and environment. Entrepose Projets is an affiliate of Entrepose Contracting (Vinci Construction Group) and is the owner of CMP Dunkerque a heavy plates and boiler making workshop located in Dunkirk. This workshop specializes in metallic construction and prefabrication activities and make its expertise available to storage and processing units in the oil and gas, petrochemical and chemical sectors. CMP Dunkerque employs a hundred people.


AREVA supplies advanced technology solutions for power generation with less carbon. Its expertise and unwavering insistence on safety, security, transparency and ethics are setting the standard, and its responsible development is anchored in a process of continuous improvement.


Ranked first in the global nuclear power industry, AREVA’s unique integrated offering to utilities covers every stage of the fuel cycle, nuclear reactor design and construction, and operating services. The group is actively developing its activities in renewable energies — wind, bioenergy, solar and energy storage — to become a European leader in this sector.


With these two major offers, AREVA’s 47,000 employees are helping to supply ever safer, cleaner and more economical energy to the greatest number of people.