Indian Wind Energy Generators approach cautiously towards implementation of RRF Mechanism

Windforce Management Services Pvt Limited, a leading consulting company in the domain of wind energy has recently launched its services as a qualified scheduling agency and a coordinating agency towards meeting the compliance requirements under CERC directive on implementation of RRF Mechanism.
Last week Windforce organized a series of seminars at Ahmadabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi for wind energy generators, OEMs and policy makers to engage into dialogue and to address their concerns on implementation of the RRF mechanism.
Compliance directive requires the wind generators to forecast and schedule their energy generation with an accuracy of 70% failing which UI implications expose them to the risk for their energy payouts from 15th July 2013.

Windforce got encouraging response in terms of participation from many Wind generators especially IPPs and OEMS who actively participated and welcomed the Winforce