Nordex gets 19.2 MW Finland wind energy order

Wind turbine manufacturer Nordex has been awarded a further project under the framework agreement signed with Finnish Wealth Management company Taaleritehdas in June 2012 for a total of 111 turbines. Nordex will now be supplying and installing eight N117/2400 multi-megawatt turbines mounted on top of 120-metre high towers for the Nyby-li wind farm, which is located in the Ii region in north-west Finland. In summer 2013 nine N117/2400 turbines for the Honkajoki wind farm – the first project from the framework agreement – went online.


Situated close to the Gulf of Bothnia, the Nyby-li wind farm is characterised by mean wind speeds higher than seven metres per second. Thanks to the configuration of the N117/2400 turbines, the farm will produce an annual yield of 78 GWh of clean wind-produced electricity.