Enel Green Power

Over the last few months, Enel Green Power’s growth strategy in the wind energy industry obtained a number of achievements, by opening working sites and putting new wind farm plants into service. EGP operates in Europe with 3407 MW.

Wind energy is essential for Enel Green Power’s growth strategy. In Europe, EGP operates with 3,407 MW, accounting for about57 percent of the Group’s total installed capacity in the Old Continent.

Over the last few months, Enel Green Power’s growth strategy in the wind sector gained a number of achievements, by opening work sites putting new plants into service.

Like in Spain, where in March EGP España has grid-connected the Angosturas and Madroñales plants, two new wind farms in the province of Málaga, with a total of 70 MW, while in May it put into service the new 13.5 MW Ampliación Sierra del Cortadowind farm, located in Almenar de Soria, in the region of Castille and León. Overall, in Iberia, EGP operates 1,778 MW of wind power, of which 1,652 MW in Spain and 126 in Portugal.

The company has excellent growth perspectives in France, where EGP is building an 8 MW wind farm in the region Nord-Pas-de-Calais and has wind farms that are already online with 170 MW. Moreover, in this country “we have about 500 MW ofpipeline, mostly in wind power”, as explained by Georgios Papadimitriou, Country Manager of Enel Green Power France, in a recent interview.

One of the most interesting countries as regards investments in wind power is Romania: in fact, the government is planning to increase the installed capacity of this technology by about 4,000 MW by 2020. Moreover, this country has favourable wind conditions and a very dynamic market, consisting of 20 million inhabitants with an energy consumption that is still relatively low. In this Balkanis country, EGP operates with 9 plants (498 MW), and has consistently grown over the last year. For this reason the Group was awarded the Romanian Energy Award as “Renewable Energy Company of the Year”.

Enel Green Power’s operations in Europe’s wind industry also include two facilities in Bulgaria (42 MW) and an installed capacity of about 200 MW in Greece, while in Italy plants are online with 720 MW.