Electric Vehicle Sales June 2013

Among plug-in vehicles (100% EVs and PHEVs), the Volt came in #1 this month, after a couple months sitting at #2 behind the Nissan Leaf.

Also, compared to last June, the Volt saw a strong rise (from 1760 to 2698). For the year to date compared to the same period of 2012, sales are up from 8817 to 9855.

The 2014 Volt is about to roll out, and some attractive 2013 Volt sales are sure to pop up, so I think we can expect another strong month from the Volt in July.

Below is the full table, including comparisons between June 2013 sales and June 2012 sales as well as between 2013 YTD sales and 2012 sales for the same period.

While the Volt did inch it out for #1 plug-in electric vehicle this month, the Nissan Leaf still had an excellent sales month.

Furthermore, compared to 2012, the sales are through the roof. June 2013 saw sales totaling 2,225, up from 535 in June 2012. For the year to date, Leaf sales are up to 9,839 from 3,148