By 2020 the UK Small Wind Turbine Market is Expected to Reach Over 800 MW

The small wind turbines market in the UK is developing at a fast pace. With the implementation of the Feed-in-Tariff policy by the UK government in April 2010, the market has jumped by over 60% in the last one year. With the provision of further incentives, the UK small wind turbine market is expected to grow at a fast rate in the coming years.

The small wind power market in the UK has had to face many challenges in the last couple of years, but due to the introduction of FITs by the government, the market is taking off rapidly. With the UK small wind turbine being one of the largest markets in the world, it is expected that the UK market will account for a large share of the global small wind turbine market by the year 2020.

In this industry scenario the author analyzes the Market for Small Wind Turbines in the UK. The report covers the following:

– An introduction to wind power detailing the definition of wind, history of wind power, the technical concept behind wind power, pros and cons of wind power, as well as the concept of how a wind turbine works. Role of wind power in the environment is also discussed.

– The author analyzes why wind power should be the energy of choice in today’s world, looking at the various benefits of wind power and how power is generated from wind.

– Moving on to the analysis of the small wind turbines market in the UK, the author profiles the industry in an in-depth manner including the regulations impacting the wind power sector; we include an analysis of the power generated from small wind turbines; the installed capacity of small wind turbines, market revenues as well as the price of small wind turbines in the UK.

Companies Mentioned:

– Southwest Windpower

– Northern Power Systems

– Entegrity Wind Systems

– Bergey Windpower

– Proven Energy

– Bornay Wind Turbines

– Eoltec

– Fortis Windenergy

– Superwind

– Sinovel Wind Group

– Vestas Wind Systems

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