Poland could generate 6 GW from offshore wind energy

Poland could generate up to z?.73 billion from expanding its offshore wind energy program, provided that 6 GW of marine turbines are built by 2025, Ernst & Young wrote in a report prepared for the Polish Wind Energy Association.

Such a development could also provide over 31,000 jobs and z?.15 billion in tax revenue, the report said.

Ernst & Young experts wrote that Poland has very good natural conditions for expanding offshore wind energy. The country also has the necessary technology potential, as it already exports related services.

Development in the sector has so far been blocked by a lack of regulations that would support it and by the lack of specific solutions allowing for the inclusion of offshore wind farms into the energy system, the experts also wrote.

Currently, the UK has the biggest volume of renewable energy sources installed (3 GW) and plans to have 18 GW at 2020. All EU member states plans to have at least 50 GW by then, but independent sources claim that number could be as high as 90 GW.