BBB assesses 144 wind farm project in Sweden

The German wind energy consultancy BBB Umwelttechnik GmbH (BBB) per-formed the technical due diligence on an onshore wind energy project on behalf of the utility Stadtwerke Mün-chen (SWM).

The site is located north of Stockholm between the villages of Umeå and Sundsvall.

The Swedish de-veloper of the project, Nordisk Vindkraft, will also carry out the erec-tion of 48 WTG of the 3 megawatt-class until spring 2015. The construc-tion works are planned to start this summer.

Key items assessed in the due diligence were yield estimations, the electrotechnical concept and the technical aspects of all relevant per-mits. Furthermore BBB evaluated the essential contracts, the concepts for logistics, construction and operation and reviewed the project-related CAPEX and OPEX assumptions.

 With the acquisition of the project SWM is making another big step to-wards its objective to cover the whole energy demand of the city of Munich with green energy by 2025. Due to the uncertainties regarding the future of the feed-in-tariff in Germany, caused by the latest governmental statements, SWM has informed that it feels impelled to increase investments for the time being in neighbouring countries.

BBB is an technical consulting firm in the wind energy business. Since 1996 BBB is internationally active on behalf of its customers in the development of wind energy projects. BBB’s engineers offer planning and engineering services all along the wind energy process-chain: from wind measurements and feasibility studies until construction supervision and the commissioning of the wind farm. Furthermore BBB has a considerable track record of technical due diligence – project assessments, in the onshore sector as well as in the offshore sector. BBB Umwelttechnik is accredited for the elaboration of bankable wind and yield assessment reports and the execution of high-quality wind measurements (ISO/IEC17025:2005).