Finland is bringing wind energy know-how from Spain

Why invest in wind power in Finland? What’s the best way to do it? What is the Spanish wind power company Gamesa doing in Finland?

These questions were answered during the wind power seminar organised by the Spanish Wind Energy Association (AEE) and Team Finland in Madrid on 13.5.2013. About 30 representatives from the Spanish wind power industry attended the event.

“I have been informed that the wind energy value chain in Spain is one of the most competitive in the world. In addition Spain has taken the challenge of moving towards renewable energy sources by strongly investing in wind energy production. These factors together make Spain a most interesting partner for Finland in developing this sector,” said Jan Vapaavuori, Finland’s Minister of Economic Affairs minister at the event. “I would  be satisfied to see Spanish companies participating in different stages of the wind power generation value chain in Finland. I do believe that this would be mutually beneficial for industries both in Spain and Finland.”

“I am grateful to the Spanish Wind Energy Association that you have been able to attract such a high level group of representatives from the Spanish wind energy business to participate . I am also pleased to note the excellent cooperation you have had with Finpro and Invest in Finland in organising this event,” he continues.

The Team Finland members organising the seminar included the Finnish Embassy in Spain, Finpro Spain Trade Center and Invest in Finland. The event was viewed as a very effective way to promote investments in Finland by the participating Finnish actors. “This is exactly the kind of synergy that we have been looking for from the merger of Finpro and Invest in Finland. It is good to join our forces,” said Pekka Tolonen, Vice President, Head of Region, Finpro who instigated the project.

Attractive feed in tariff

Finland offers a multitude of attractive opportunities in the renewable energy sector. Finland is one of the leaders in the overall use of renewable energy in Europe. Renewable energy consumption as a share of gross final energy consumption is at 33%, when the EU-average is 8.7%.

Spanish wind power companies are interested in Finland because of the clear business opportunity and attractive feed-in tariff (83.5 €/MWh). This means that the companies producing wind power in Finland are guaranteed this price for a period of 12 years.

Finland is also committed to further increasing the share of renewables, up to 38% of gross final energy consumption by 2020. Until the end of 2015, increased target price is 105.30 EUR/MWh.

Finland is an untapped but fast-growing market for wind power 

In the seminar, Ignacio Martín Negrete, Gamesa’s Sales Manager for Northern Europe, talked about his company’s experiences of operating in Finland. In his view Spanish companies should make good use of Finnish know-how in the demanding cold and dark conditions, and combine this with their own wind power expertise.

Gamesa will construct two wind power projects in Finland in the near future. Negrete praised the Finns’ active and helpful approach, and also discussed the challenges related to operating in Finland, such as issues related to permits.

“Finland has good wind conditions throughout the year. There is an existing installed capacity of 300 MW, with a target of 2,500 MW by the year 2020, and a current project pipeline of 8900 MW. Many international companies have already entered the market to supply technology and develop projects. There are close to 9 GW of wind power projects in the pipeline, including projects at stage zero and others near completion,” said Hanna Lankinen from Invest in Finland.

Maria Arruda,