Schneider Electric has provided the electrical Balance of System for 85MW of solar power plants in France

Schneider Electric has the ability of executing many projects in parallel with a complex logistics thanks to optimized plug-and-play solutions that cover the entire electrical balance of system.

The Solar Business of Schneider Electric, a global leader in solutions for the solar power conversion chain which was recently distinguished as one of the Top 3 Most Competitively Positioned PV Inverter Companies by GTM Research, has just supplied a total of 85 MW for 10 solar power plants in different regions of France.

Schneider Electric has the ability of executing many projects in parallel with a complex logistics thanks to optimized plug-and-play solutions that cover the entire electrical balance of system. For these 10 Power Plants Schneider Electric was present during all phases of the project, from the planning and design of the offer for the different power plants to the delivery and assembly of the different solution bricks on-site. The commissioning is currently being done and Schneider Electric also counts with experienced execution teams that give their support for the MV connection.

Schneider Electric provided integrated solutions to its customers including 57 PV Box power substations, monitoring & control system, and 10 grid connection substations. The PV Box is a factory integrated, tested & validated plug & play power conversion system that contains two Conext Core XC 680 inverters, a DC combiner box, a step-up transformer, medium voltage switchgear and other accessories and is adapted to meet the local standards and environmental conditions. This enables customers to reduce construction lead times, lower the costs of installation and commissioning and enhance uptime thanks to qualified & reliable design.

A total of 111 Conext Core XC 680kW inverters were delivered for the projects. This inverter range was launched in France 12 months ago and it has best-in-class peak efficiencies in the market up to 98.9% and a field proven industrial design based on Schneider Electric industrial power drives. The Conext Core XC includes an innovative fast sweep MPPT algorithm (Maximum Power Point Tracking) and has been qualified for use in the harshest environmental conditions through intensive Reliability Testing.

Conext Control, an advanced monitoring & control solution, was also deployed in these PV plants. The system is highly flexible, with a customizable utility interface, as well as easily deployed to facilitate implementation at multiple sites. Above all, Conext Control provides vital intelligence to the business of generating photovoltaic energy. Real-time production data and trend analysis allow operators to optimize the solar harvest. Diagnostics and remote control capability help reduce intervention costs, while smart alarms let service staff make prompt decisions and react accordingly in the event of a problem.

“Our ability to work hand in hand with our customer throughout the different stages of the project allowed to deliver in a very short period of time” commented Laurent Bataille, SVP Solar Business at Schneider Electric. “The reliability & the competitiveness of our integrated solution coupled with our ability to provide an integral support on the entire electrical balance of system were determining criteria”.

Solairedirect , first French power producer fully dedicated to solar electricity, developed these projects and acted as the EPC contractor for them. They chose Schneider Electric because of the ability to supply a globalized offer for the entire AC electrical balance of system with a plug-and-play solution. “We chose Schneider Electric for the performance of their inverters, their integrated PV Box power stations and their capability to deliver equipment as scheduled, which were crucial to meet our objectives”, explained Olivier Grenesche, Operation Manager of Solairedirect.

Schneider Electric provides bankable photovoltaic solutions for any size installation. Together with local support from a global organization with presence in over 100 countries, 175 years of experience, and best-in-class manufacturing, we can provide real bankability to our customers worldwide.

As a global specialist in energy management with operations in more than 100 countries, Schneider Electric
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