Bahrain: Awali Solar Energy Plant is in Service before the End of this Year

Minister of Energy, Dr. Abdul Hussain Mirza stated that the solar energy plant in Awali with capacity of 5 megawatts will be in service before the end of this year.

He also highlighted that the existing project in collaboration with Petra Solar Company, Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO) , and the National Authority for Oil and Gas will provide solar energy with high efficiency through using the smart technology networks in a number of locations in the Kingdom, including Awali and University of Bahrain.

In an interview with Bahrain News Agency (BNA), Dr. Mirza stressed that the wise government focuses on finding renewable resources, pointing out that the Electricity and Water Authority has launched an experiential project aiming at producing 3 megawatts of electricity from solar energy and 2 megawatts from winds.

Dr. Mirza also stated that the government has started planning to establish a new electricity plan, which will add 1500 megawatts, and will be completed at the end of 2015, providing a greater addition to the Gulf electricity interconnection projects.

Dr. Mirza also said that the condition in Bahrain is very satisfactory, pointing out that Bahrain has a water production capacity of 210 million square meters, where the daily consumption in not more than 150 million. He also said that the Kingdom