Myanmar to build solar energy plant

Myanmar will build the world third largest solar power plant in Minbu township of Magway Region with the assistance of Thai company, Green Earth Power (GEP), according to the Ministry of Electric Power.

The plant will generate 210 MW power and US$ 275 million will be spent for the project, Thai media reported.

Last Thursday, the Ministry and GEP signed the agreement to conduct the survey for potential construction location of the power plant.

The GEP’s Chairman said that electricity purchase will be signed in three months with the ministry.

The chairman also said that the GEP Company is in talks with the ministry to build another power plant that can generate 200MW electricity.

Aung Than Oo, Deputy Electric Power Minister said, the goal of the new power plant is to increase the volume of electricity from 2500 MW to 30,000 MW by 2030.

He said the electricity that is generated is not enough to supply the industrial zones in Myanmar and solar energy would be the first alternate electricity source. Of electricity generated in Myanmar, 70 from hydropower, 20 percent from gas turbines and the rest is from coal power plants.

The cities in Myanmar consume a 26 percent of electricity and the 4 percent of electricity is supplied to rural areas.

Potential partners from Thailand are being sought for further projects in Myanmar. A bank will fund for the project.