Vestas deploys multiple ZephIR Lidars at largest wind power project in the Southern Hemisphere

Leading wind turbine manufacturer Vestas have announced the deployment of three ZephIR 300 Lidar systems at the 420MW Macarthur Wind Farm in Australia to provide hub height and full rotor wind speed measurements across the Southern Hemisphere’s largest wind power project.

The site already containing six traditional 84 metre met masts, will see the ZephIR Lidars providing critical wind measurements from 10m to 200m to advise on load analysis calculations, for the 140 x 3MW Vestas V112 wind turbines, and to inform turbine warranties conditions for Vestas.

Vestas applied an innovative approach to the 5,500 hectare site (55 km2) where a combination of traditional anemometry and remote sensing devices would provide sufficient coverage across the site, whilst also providing turbine tip height measurements as required from the roaming remote sensing units. Following an extended period of technical assessments, Vestas chose ZephIR as their key provider of Lidar technology based on the company’s extensive track record, Vestas’ existing experience with ZephIR systems and the accuracy, reliability and stability of ZephIR 300 since its launch in 2011.

Commenting on the successful deployment of the units, Peter Giang, Project Manager at Vestas Australian Wind Technology P/L said: “ZephIR Lidar gives Vestas flexibility on a large site, such as Macarthur. It would be difficult from a development application perspective to use traditional masts across the entire site to collect the data we require for our turbine calculations and to inform warranty conditions on the site. ZephIR provided an efficient way that we require. The three ZephIR 300’s now on site are functioning very well and we look forward to our continued use of them through this truly ground-breaking project.”

Shane Browne, Senior Manager of Plant Siting & Services at Vestas Australian Wind Technology P/L said, “Data recovery is critical to any wind data analysis we will do in the future and a deciding factor in selecting ZephIR was the service and maintenance strategy offered.”

Ian Locker, Managing Director of ZephIR Lidar replied, “Having worked with Vestas for over a decade on Lidar applications, we are pleased to see a ZephIR 300 fleet now operating for them, providing key wind measurements on Macarthur Wind Farm informing critical decisions throughout the project – from load analysis through to warranty conditions. We continue to work closely with Vestas developing a strong relationship in the field of wind energy measurement campaigns using leading remote sensing technology ZephIR 300.”

Keiran Knowles, ZephIR Sales Manager, said, “Working directly with Vestas as their preferred supplier of Lidar offers great opportunities for the ZephIR 300 units to add technical value across the significant Macarthur wind farm project.”

In 2003 we released the first commercial wind lidar, ZephIR®, exploiting decades of research at UK government Research & Development establishment QinetiQ. Designed specifically for the wind industry ZephIR has paved the way for many of the remote sensing devices seen in the market today. Our original lidar technology continues to innovate with world firsts such as taking measurements from a wind turbine spinner and being the first to deploy an offshore wind lidar, both fixed and floating. ZephIR has also now amassed more than 3.5 million hours of operation across 650+ deployments globally spanning a decade of commercial experience. For wind measurements onshore, offshore and in turbine-mounted applications, ZephIR provides accurate, reliable finance-grade wind data.

Zephir Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fred. Olsen Ltd. – established in the UK in 1963 with business interests primarily focussed on renewable energy, including ZephIR.