Brazil’s wind energy have 2.5 GW capacity

The installed wind energy generation capacity at Brazil’s 108 farms reached 2.5 gigawatts (GW) in 2012, up 73% from 2011, according to the annual industry balance released this Monday (15th) by the Brazilian Wind Energy Association (Abeeólica). Wind energy accounted for 2% of the country’s energy mix last year.

Out of the total capacity, 1.3 GW are the result of the Incentive Program to Alternative Electric Energy Sources (Proinfa), which is the first phase of implementation of wind energy in the country; and 1.2 GW are the result of the Reserve Auction (Leilão de Reserva – LER 2009), which concerns the second phase. According to Abeeólica, 622 megawatts (MW) from the second phase are currently out of service due to lack of transmission lines at two parks in the state of Rio Grande do Norte and another two in the state of Bahia.

A monthly average of 7.5 million Brazilians have received wind power in 2012. The average considers households with families of up to three people each. By the end of this year, Abeeólica expects that installed capacity across the country will reach 6.05 GW, and 8.8 GW by 2017.

“That goes to show how efficient our wind energy management template is, and it proves wrong what people used to say in the past, i.e. that wind power is unstable, that it will not contribute to the system,” said Abeeólica executive president Elbia Mello.