Alstom and Renova Energia sign a first contract worth

Alstom Renewable Power and Renova Energia, a leader in wind power generation in Brazil, signed the first contract, as part of the agreement announced in February 2013, to supply equipment to wind farms in Bahia State. Worth around €450 million, the contract was booked in fiscal year 2012/13. These farms will represent a capacity of 513 MW out of the 1,200 MW of the frame agreement. The equipment will be delivered from 2015 onwards and it will generate revenues starting into fiscal year 2014/15.

The partnership between Alstom and Renova covers one of the biggest projects in the global onshore wind market. Further contracts will follow this first milestone in the coming years to fulfil the total amount of wind turbines agreed between the companies.

“It is the first contract of all the projects which will be worth a total of more than €1 billion. These projects will generate at least 1.2 GW of electricity and double the current wind generation capacity in Brazil”, says Jérôme Pécresse, President of Alstom Renewable Power.

The agreement signed in February includes the supply, operation and maintenance services of around 440 onshore wind turbines in Brazil. These turbines will be manufactured in Alstom’s plant in Camaçari, in the state of Bahia. Alstom has committed to establish a wind cluster in Bahia in partnership with other companies for the production of the main components of the turbines.

Alstom’s ECO100 onshore wind turbine platform is composed of the ECO122, ECO110 and ECO100 wind turbines, with a unit capacity from 2.7 to 3 MW. It is one of the most proven platforms in the wind market.

Alstom has more than 2,500 turbines currently installed or under construction across more than 150 wind farms worldwide, representing a total capacity of over 3,800 MW.