Wind energy addition in India falls to 1,700 MW

Wind turbine manufacturers Enercon and Suzlon have fared better than others in the tepid market of 2012-13, when the total capacity installed during the year fell to 1,700 MW. It was 3,164 MW the previous year.

Enercon led the market in 2012-13 with installations of 453.60 MW, followed by Suzlon at 414.75 MW. The previous year, Suzlon was the leader with 1,148 MW and Enercon No.2 with 767 MW. Inox and GE gained, while Spanish wind power major Gamesa lost ground.

Regen Powertech, which produces wind turbines with technology from German company Vensys, maintained third position, although with much lower business.

It sold turbines worth 273 MW last year, compared with 415 MW the previous year.

Inox rose to the third slot in 2012-13, with installations of 264 MW, nudging Regen Powertech to fourth position.

In the previous year, Inox was not even in the first five, whereas Regen Powertech, with capacity additions of 415 MW, was at No. 3.

The surprise this year was Gamesa, which was No. 4 in 2011-12, with installations of 312.35 MW. Last year, the company was edged out of the