Gamesa begins transporting the largest wind turbine blade ever built in Spain

The blade is 62.5 metres long and will be installed on Spain’s first offshore wind turbine.

Gamesa last night began transporting a 62.5-metre blade destined for a prototype of the first offshore wind turbine to be installed in Spain.

The blade, manufactured at the Aoiz factory (Navarre) is the longest turbine blade ever produced and transported in Spain and is one of the largest in Europe.

The blade travelled overnight from Aoiz to the port of Bilbao, where it will be loaded with another two blades – also built at the Navarre plant – and one nacelle produced in Tauste (Zaragoza)  on a ship bound for Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands.

One hundred people worked on the blade’s design.

Gamesa in coming weeks will begin assembling the offshore prototype, a 5MW turbine, which will be erected at the Arinaga quay (Gran Canaria), heralding further progress on the company’s offshore strategy.