ArcelorMittal is presenting its steel for wind energy at Hannover Messe

ArcelorMittal is presenting its steel for wind energy at Hannover Messe, the world’s most important technology show, from 8-12 April.

ArcelorMittal is actively involved in offering the energy industry a complete range of products and solutions for each step of the energy lifecycle, from production to transformation and transport. At Hannover Messe the group is presenting its latest long and flat steel products for renewable energy, including wind energy.

Securing a safe energy supply is one of the key issues affecting the world, and will have a major bearing on the growth and success of developed countries. The steel industry is contributing actively to the development of renewable energy, while also saving CO2 emissions with lightweight steel solutions.

Sustainable long steel…

Lattice towers are ecologically attractive, as the most cost-effective solution for the highest towers. For onshore applications in particular, having tall wind towers allows higher wind speeds to be harnessed, improving efficiency and turbine power. The steel towers offer several advantages compared with other materials: a low-cost structure that is one fifth lighter; up to 60% less foundations; corrosion protection through galvanising; easier to deliver to difficult terrain such as hills and forests; the lowest life cycle costs for sustainable energy production.

…and flat steel products to produce wind energy

With existing wind towers using up to 180 tonnes of heavy plate and hundreds of individual towers in a wind farm, the logistics of ensuring just-in-time deliveries of steel are critical for success.

ArcelorMittal’s global footprint enables us to meet the needs of some of the leading players in this market – wherever they are located. Our heavy plate is used to build both the tower and, in offshore installations, the jackets that keep the turbine stable on the sea floor.

ArcelorMittal is also working with wind turbine developers to create the next generation of towers which are lighter and do not require welding.

We also supply non-oriented fully processed electrical steels for the medium and high-power generators which sit at the top of the wind tower. These steels have all the required magnetic properties, to maximise the amount of energy each turbine can produce. Offshore wind towers require weldable structural steels which can withstand the corrosive marine environment.

ArcelorMittal has a number of grades which have been specifically designed for this application. Our steels for offshore structures offer improved workability and weldability and can be supplied thermomechanically rolled or normalised. They can be used in applications such as platforms and equipment for new fixed wind towers.

Through its core values of sustainability, quality and leadership, ArcelorMittal is committed to the sustainable management of the environment and of finite resources, recognising that it has a significant responsibility to tackle the global climate challenge.

Come and visit us at Hannover Messe from 8 to 12 April 2013, hall 13, booth B10.