Time for closer cooperation of the wind energy sector in the CIS countries

CISWIND2013 International Conference & Exhibition “Wind power in the CIS and Eastern Europe”

“Time for closer cooperation of the wind sector in the CIS countries”

The key event in the wind energy industries of the CIS and Eastern Europe countries CISWIND2013 “Wind power in the CIS and Eastern Europe” took place on 28-29 March 2013 in the Conference Center at the National Sports Complex “Olimpiyskiy”, Kiev, Ukraine.

Delegations from 15 countries participated in the conference and exhibition, including: Austria, Belarus, France, Germany, Israel, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, Russia, Spain, Tajikistan, Turkey, and Ukraine.

CISWIND2013 is the largest international wind industry event in Ukraine and in the CIS countries. It brought together the market leaders, heads of the industry agencies, developers and equipment manufacturers, financiers and investors, top international wind experts and professional associations.

The key topics of CISWIND2013 included the analysis of the global and European wind markets, policies and legal frameworks for further wind development, investment attractiveness and peculiarities of financing wind farms in the CIS and Eastern Europe, technical aspects of grid connection, “green” tariff regulations and state support in view of recent legislative changes as well as the risk management in wind projects

Companies actively working in the field of wind energy and offering the full range of services – from wind measurements to manufacture of wind turbines and development of wind power projects – presented their products and services as well as new technologies at the trade show.

“CISWIND2013 has come at the right time, and it has helped us to identify the key challenges and opportunities in the CIS wind markets. There is a strong need to convince governments to improve frameworks for wind power investment. Another important conclusion is that it is time for a closer cooperation within the wind sector in the CIS countries. CISWIND has offered an excellent platform for exchange of ideas and for networking. We are very pleased that we can continue and intensify this cooperation in the near future.”, said Stefan Gsänger, Secretary General of the World Wind Energy Association WWEA.

“Experience gained in Ukraine during the implementation of wind projects with MW-class wind turbines has identified a number of barriers that the market has to overcome in the near future. First of all, issues related to obtaining the technical conditions for grid connection and shortcomings of the current law. Players in wind energy in the other CIS countries are now facing the same problems. Energy systems of these countries were based exclusively on fossil fuels. European experience has shown that innovative technologies can solve the problem. CISWIND2013 clearly demonstrated this “, stressed Andrey Konechenkov, Chairman of the Board of the Ukrainian Wind Energy Association UWEA.

“Today, Ukraine has committed itself to a new level of development of the fuel and energy sector and the economy as a whole. Renewable energy industry, and wind energy in particular, is an integral part of this process, a catalyst for innovative developments”, believes Sergei Dubovik, Vice-President of the State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine. Speaking at the opening of the International Conference and Exhibition CISWIND2013 “Wind power in the CIS and Eastern Europe”, he stressed that the potential for energy generation in Ukraine from renewable energy sources amounted to about 100 million tons of oil equivalent (t.o.e.) a year, a third of which (28 million t.o.e) accounted for wind energy.

The organizers of CISWIND are the Ukrainian Wind Energy Association and the IBCentre, General Partner is the World Wind Energy Association WWEA. The event is supported by the State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine and by a number of specialized and public organizations.

CISWIND has become the catalyst for collaboration between wind markets of the former Soviet Union: Delegates of the Conference decided to establish a Wind Energy Committee for CIS countries.

The next International Conference & Exhibition “Wind power in the CIS and Eastern Europe” – CISWIND2014 will take place in Kiev in April 2014.

More information: http://www.ciswind.com