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Solar Wind Energy Tower, Inc. launches national media campaign with the Money Channel Inc.

Solar Wind Energy Tower, Inc. (OTCQB: SWET), (the “Company”) announced today that it is launching a national media campaign with the Money Channel Inc.  This multi-faceted campaign includes Radio informative segments airing on American Scene Radio that airs for two hours each weekday, planned television segments to air on the weekly half-hour program, WallStreetCast, and participation in one or more LIVE World Money Show events during the coming year.

American Scene has been airing for 23 years, and WallStreetCast has been airing nationally for 7 years. American Scene Radio airs nationally via satellite to numerous terrestrial radio stations plus on owned by Investors Business Daily, plus on iTunes under The Money Channel.  Investor audiences are estimated to exceed two million per week.

Steve Crowley, CEO of the Money Channel, said, “We are pleased to add “SWET” to our daily Investor’s Showcase along with its CEO, Ron Pickett.

Our listeners and viewers have shown a particular interest in innovative “green energy” emerging technologies over the years, and we believe that this newest technology shall be a leader in this critically important space.

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Solar Wind Energy, Inc. (Solar Wind Energy), a wholly owned subsidiary of Solar Wind Energy Tower, Inc., was established to commercialize a number of proven, validated technologies and construction systems into a single large Solar Wind Downdraft Tower structure that produces abundant, inexpensive electricity.  Our Company’s core objective and focus is to become a leading provider of clean, efficient green energy to the world communities, at a reasonable cost, without the destructive residuals of fossil fuels, while continuing to generate innovative technological solutions for tomorrow’s electrical power needs.