Vestas awarded five-year service contract extension at 63 MW wind power plant in Canada

Vestas has secured a five-year service agreement from ENMAX Energy Corporation for the Kettles Hill Wind Farm, which includes 35 V80-1.8 MW wind turbines in Alberta, Canada.

The contract for the 63-MW site includes Vestas’ Active Output Management (AOM) 5000 service option, which guarantees an energy-based availability of up to 97 per cent guarantee to ensure the turbines are operational when the wind is blowing. AOM 5000 creates business value for Vestas’ customers through precise weather forecasting and VestasOnline® software that can remotely control and monitor the turbines to predict potential wear-and-tear issues. This allows Vestas to plan maintenance so the turbines are operational for the maximum amount of time.

Vestas is a leader in providing service and maintenance for wind turbines in Canada, and we are excited ENMAX has decided to continue our partnership with us,” said Chris Brown, President of Vestas’ sales and service division in Canada and the United States.

The first phase of the Kettles Hill Wind Farm, located near Pincher Creek, Alberta, was built in 2006 with five V80-1.8 MW turbines. The second phase was completed in 2007 with 30 V80-1.8 MW turbines. ENMAX Energy, through a wholly-owned subsidiary, acquired the facility in 2008.

We are pleased to secure an extension of our long-term service agreement with Vestas for the Kettles Hill Wind Farm,” said Bert Adam, vice-president of Operations, ENMAX Energy. “This agreement provides for improved flexibility and alignment on performance objectives to help ensure reliability and profitability with this facility.”

Vestas monitors data from nearly 25,000 wind turbines worldwide, corresponding to almost 43 GW. In 2012, customers renewed 77 per cent of their expiring service agreements with Vestas. Service revenue for Vestas is expected to reach about $1.3 billion (USD) in 2013.

Vestas has secured a five-year service agreement for 35 V80-1.8 MW wind turbines in Canada.

With over 55 GW of installed capacity worldwide, Vestas is the global leader in wind energy, supplying more than 49,000 wind turbines in 73 countries since 1979. Vestas turbines are installed in every Canadian province, a combined 1,374 turbines and 2,315 MW – enough installed electrical capacity to power about 700,000 homes. Vestas will supply wind turbines this year to six projects in Canada, amounting to a combined capacity of around 400 MW.

ENMAX Corporation, through subsidiaries and predecessors, has provided Albertans with safe, reliable electricity for over 100 years. The ENMAX group of companies provides electricity, natural gas and value-added services to over 835,000 residential, commercial and industrial metered customer locations in Alberta. ENMAX Energy Corporation, a subsidiary of ENMAX Corporation, is Alberta’s leading competitive electricity retailer. Through subsidiaries, ENMAX Energy is one of Alberta’s largest investors in renewable energy and the first Canadian electricity retailer to offer customers the option to support wind generated energy.