German Wind Energy Association criticises Saxony’s climate programme

German Wind Energy Association finds the published energy and climate programme of Saxony’s government inadequate to the current era of renewable energy, news agency Dapd reported today.

The chairman of the association in Saxony, Martin Maslaton, criticised that the German state of Saxony wants to keep hold of brown coal for generations ahead.

According to the plans, Saxony will increase the share of renewables in its energy mix to only 28% from the originally planned 33%.

Maslaton considers that the only ray of light in the scheme is that cogeneration of heat and power is expected to play a large role in the efficient energy supply of the region.

Saxony’s economic minister Sven Morlok explained Tuesday as he announced the programme that the lowered targets for renewable energy in the state root in the reserves of citizens against wind parks. According to them, wind turbines spoil the landscape too much.

Maslaton countered this explanation saying that coal extraction causes much more challenging environmental problems than wind turbines.