Haiti : solar power for Hospital Bernard Mevs

NRG Energy, based in Princeton, announced it is installing a solar power system at Hospital Bernard Mevs, in Port-au-Prince, in order to provide reliable power to the hospital, and allow doctors to improve patient care. The work should be completed by next week.

David Crane, president and CEO of NRG Energy, has played, which played an ongoing role in bringing solar power to Haiti declared “This will help provide better, more reliable access to health care at a clinic by combining power from the grid with more affordable, cleaner and reliable solar power.”

The new 100-kilowatt solar system will include a battery storage system to help provide power 24 hours a day. It will significantly offset the need for diesel-powered electricity, which is now costing the hospital about $60,000 each month. The savings will be used to expand patient care.

Additional electrical capacity, will also save money by protecting sensitive medical equipment from damage by regular power surges.

NRG’s solar power project is made possible through a partnership with the Clinton Foundation, along with SMA, Unirac and Sunora Energy Solutions, three manufacturers of solar technology.