IMPSA Signs US$ 238 M Contract for the Construction of the Chu

The wind farm will be the first to have wind turbines manufactured at IMPSA’s new production centerin Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.
IMPSA has signed a new contract with Chuí Holding S.A. –formed by Eletrosul (49%) and the Rio Bravo Fundo de Investimento em Participação (51%)– by which both companies will be building six wind farms for the Chuí Wind Energy Complex in the city of the same name, on the border with Uruguay. The project involves an investment of US$ 289 M and is expected to be operational by March 2014.
The wind farms, which will have a total of 72 wind turbines mounted on 85 m tall towers, will generate 144 MW. With an annual production of more than 580 MWh, the Chuí Wind Energy Complex will be able to supply electricity to some 280,000 households and to prevent the release of 17,000 t of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere (equivalent to the burning of 886,000 barrels of oil per year or to the planting of 68,763 trees). Construction of the wind farms will also create 900 direct and indirect jobs.
IMPSA will also be constructing the Livramento Wind Energy Complex in Rio Grande do Sul, which is currently under development.
 “This is a very important contract for IMPSA. It is always good to know that an important customer such as Eletrosul trusts us with strategic projects,” said Emilio Guiñazú, IMPSA Wind Director.
The project will be using IWP-100 wind turbines developed by IMPSA in Brazil with the support of Financiadora de Estudos e Projetos (FINEP). This turbine model was especially designed to adapt to the country’s climatic conditions using UNIPOWER® frequency converters, IMPSA’s proprietary technology. Part of the equipment will be manufactured at the Company’s new production center in Rio Grande do Sul, in southern Brazil. This production center, which is located in the Municipality of Guaíba Gaucho, can produce 220 wind turbines per year.
“Our presence in the region will be strengthened by our additional engineering and fabrication capabilities from southern Brazil,” said IMPSA VP, José Luis Menghini. “We are currently working on the installation of wind farms in Uruguay, southern Brazil, Argentina and other countries. This fully demonstrates IMPSA’s level of development and knowledge of wind generation equipment developed in Brazil. This would not be possible without the professional proficiency of our customers, like Eletrosul,” said Menghini.
The Chuí turnkey project is scheduled to be completed by March 2014. The wind energy complex comprises the Chuí I, Chuí II, Chuí III, Chuí IV, Chuí V, Chuí VI and Chuí VII wind farms.