SkyFuel Selected for US DOE Funding of Concentrating Solar Power

ReflecTech®  mirror film is used to reflect sunlight onto the receivers of parabolic trough Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) collector systems and delivers the performance of traditional glass mirrors at a fraction of the cost and weight.

SkyFuel’s mirror film subsidiary, ReflecTech, is one of 70 companies selected to receive funding under the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) 2013 Small Business Innovation Research program to explore new technologies with strong potential for commercialization and job creation in clean energy.

Under the program, ReflecTech will perform the fundamental research to further advance highly weatherable reflective film.

The project will determine the feasibility of further increasing reflectance and also improving reflector specularity (with a beam spread less than 1mrad) while maintaining the requisite long outdoor weatherability demanded for solar applications. If successful, a second phase of the SBIR program will fund further development and prototyping.

According to Randy Gee, SkyFuel’s chief technology officer and co-inventor of ReflecTech mirror film, advanced polymer reflectors can bring down the cost of clean energy while creating new industries and employment.

SkyFuel is cost sharing the research with the DOE.The DOE’s SunShot Initiative has set a goal for solar technologies to achieve a levelized cost of electricity of 6 cents/kWh by 2020.

The 70 awards were selected by the DOE based on technology merit and their potential for commercialization and job creation.