Enel Green Power, perspectives in the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean is an important and relatively new area for EGP, which is closely following the region’s evolution from an industrial and institutional point of view, through RES4MED.

In the Mediterranean basin, the population will grow by 80 million inhabitants over the next 20 years, with a significant increase of the energy and infrastructural demand.

The Head of EGP’s External Relations Andrea Falessi recently explained that “the Mediterranean is an important and relatively new area for EGP, which is closely following the evolution of this region”.

This watchfulness is witnessed, for instance, by RES4MED, an acronym of Renewable Energy Solutions for the Mediterranean, a platform created by Enel Green Power together with Edison, CESI, GSE, PwC and the Polytechnic of Milano.

The initiative aims at promoting the development of a context that could be suitable for the growth of renewable sources, by debating on various issues like the security of energy supplies, the expansion of energy demand, the enhancement of commercial relations between producing and consuming countries.

Falessi also explained that, by pursuing these aims, “RES4MED is trying a different approach, without superposing itself to other ongoing regional initiatives. We want to create a network between the various associations, be a ‘network of networks’, which can jointly use the expertise of the different organizations”.

“For instance, one of its first actions has been the signature of a memorandum of understanding with various associations like Desertec, OME and MEDREG, the association that reunites all the regulators of the Mediterranean, so that they can work jointly and share the content of our activities”, Falessi went on to say.

Moreover, a section of the institutional website of RES4MED, allows partners and affiliates to openly exchange documents regarding projects and studies, updating them directly on the website.

For EGP, the Mediterranean is a highly appealing region also from the point of view of industrial projects, especially in Turkey, an extremely important market particularly in the geothermal field, and in Morocco, the first Maghreb country that drew up a very aggressive plan for the construction of renewable plants. Falessi explained that “in Marocco we have already participated in tenders, we have pre-qualified and we soon plan to start working on important industrial activities”.