CESI presents its state-of-the-art Solar Cells at Middle East Electricity 2013

The Middle East is crucial for the development of solar energy because many countries are searching for ways to reduce their energy consumption in order to have more oil for export.

High Concentration Photovoltaic (HCPV) technology – powered by the high-performance, multi-junction solar cells produced by CESI’s GaAs technology – is considered an ideal solution for the region.

CESI Middle East (CESI), global leader in power systems consulting and testing, announced today that it will participate in the Middle East Electricity exhibition 2013, from 17-19 February 2013, at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre where it will reveal its latest laboratory: the largest independent high permanent current test laboratory for testing up to 50,000 amps at any power frequency from 15 Hz to 65 Hz.

Furthermore, Francesco Fraisopi, CESI’s Director of Business Development for Solar Cells and Member of the Board of Directors at CPV Consortium, will be presenting the latest technology on CESI’s multi junction Solar Cells.

“We’re here to present the best High Concentration Photovoltaic technology available in the field,” said Francesco Fraisopi. “This is a great opportunity for us to demonstrate technology that is perfectly suited to the Middle East and could change how electricity is generated in the local market.”

“The use of flat silicon and thin-film solar modules is hindered by the region’s high temperatures and concentrated Solar Power (CSP) solutions, which are hampered by technological complexity and high cost, where HCPV technology produces more electricity when solar radiation intensifies and temperatures increase. An additional benefit is that it costs the same to maintain and operate as methods of generating electricity that utilize flat photovoltaic cells.” Fraisopi said.

Floris Schulze, Managing Director of CESI Middle East said: “The demand for alternative and renewable energy and the need for technology to maintain the existing electrical grids and power infrastructure in the Middle East makes the Middle East Electricity 2013 Conference the ideal platform to introduce CESI’s newest high current testing lab and to present its high efficiency multi junction solar cells.”

CESI has a deep experience in the Middle East having already worked with more than 100 local companies within the region in testing and certification.

CESI was recently presented with the coveted “Company To Watch 2012” award by the Cerved Group for its outstanding sales performance, level of EBITDA and revenues, and it has become one of the very few Global Partner of the World Economic Council.

CESI is a world leading technical consulting and engineering company with over 50 years’ experience operating in several areas including: Transmission and Interconnections, Smart Grids for Distribution, Renewables, Testing, Certification and Quality Assurance. CESI also develops and manufactures advanced multi junction photovoltaic solar cells for both space and terrestrial (HCPV) applications.

With an annual turnover of more than €120 million. CESI operates in more than 40 countries around the world, with a total network of 1,000 professionals. The company’s key clients include governmental institutions, regulatory authorities, major utilities, Transmission System Operators (TSOs), Distribution System Operators (DSOs), generation companies, manufacturers, system integrators, financial institutions and international electromechanical and electronic manufacturers.

Established in 1956 to support the development and security of the Italian Electricity Grid operations, CESI is nowadays an independent international center of excellence in testing and certification of electromechanical components and in electrical systems R&D, providing laboratory testing and certification services to the electromechanical industry.

CESI is a fully independent joint-stock company with main premises in Milan, Berlin, Mannheim, Dubai and Rio de Janeiro. It provides its clients with technically innovative, cost-effective solutions to improve competitiveness and performance of their electric infrastructures, helping them in shaping a better energy future.

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