Nordex receiving first contract for N117/3000 wind energy project from Finland

Just one day after the public presentation of its Generation Delta wind power systems, Nordex received its first contract for the delivery and installation of a wind farm complete with Generation Delta turbines from Raahen Tuulienergia Oy in Finland.

At the EWEA 2013 in Vienna, Nordex signed a contract with a joint venture forged by local grid operator Raahen Energia Oy and Bridgehead Productions Ltd. Oy for two N117/3000 turbines each with an installed nominal output of 3 MW. The two pre-ordered turbines are to be produced and installed this year.

The site is located in the port area of the Northern Finnish town of Raahe and is characterised by wind speeds of over 8 metres a second. This calls for turbines able to generate the greatest possible yield in medium wind conditions.

Nordex is assembling one turbine on a 91-metre and the other on a 120-metre steel tube tower. Thanks to the large rotor sweep of the N117/3000, its nominal output and the tall towers, the wind farm will achieve an annual yield of around 20 million kWh of clean electricity, equivalent to a capacity factor of 38 percent. As the site experiences periods of extremely low temperatures of down to minus 30 degrees Celsius, Nordex will be supplying cold-climate versions of the turbine. In addition, the sound power produced by the turbines will not exceed 106 dB.

“This contract underscores the great confidence which our customers have in our reliable technology and in the new higher yields which we have achieved in strong and medium-wind locations with Generation Delta,” says Nordex Management Board member Lars Bondo Krogsgaard.

With these wind power turbines, grid operator Raahen Energia is establishing its own power production capacity. Bridgehead Productions Ltd Oy is owned by Jari Sillanpää, a singer and artist known throughout Scandinavia.

Heikki Jäälinoja, CEO of Raahen Tuulienergia Oy and Raahen Energia Oy: “Nordex’ global record for reliability, efficiency and service has been crucial for our decision to choose the N117/3000. This turbine is a perfect match for the wind regime at the Raahe harbor and we are very happy to be able to use newest technology to maximise the energy output at the site. Based on our experience of the professional negotiations we are looking forward to continuing to work together with Nordex also in future“.