REJLERS design a transmission line for wind power in Piteå

In Piteå the design of a new large wind power farm is well ahead with potential for up to some 1,100 wind power plants, is well ahead.

Rejlers has won a prestigious order to design parts of the power line which will transmit electricity from the wind power farm to the main grid.

“A lot is going on within the wind power sector in different parts of Sweden. Large projects of this kind are important in the development of the society and challenging for our employees”, says Eva Nygren, President and CEO of Rejlers.

Rejlers’ assignment, for Enercon, includes project planning for about 40 km of a new power line (145 kV) and production of documents for the construction. It also includes measurements and construction of poles. The assignment has a value of neary 500,000 EUR.

The wind power farm in Piteå
In March 2010 the Swedish Government approved the permit application for Markbygden to build a large wind power farm in Piteå municipality. The application covers roughly a 450 square kilometre large area with potential to establishing up to 1,100 wind power plants. The total generation capacity will be 8-12 TWh.