Medina cuts ribbon on US$100.0 wind farm in Dominican Republic

The wind farm’s second phase features 26 new wind turbines and now total 40, with a combined output of 77 megawatts.

The wind energy facility is linked to the wind turbines installed in nearby Enriquillo, Barahona.

President Danilo Medina headed the ribbon cutting for the second phase of the Los Cocos wind farm, in the southwest town of Juancho, built by the power company Ege-Haina at a cost of US$100.0 million.

Ege-Haina president Edgar Pichardo said the new turbines have tripled the wind farm installed capacity, and boast leading edge technology.

He said Ege-Haina’s US$700 million investment leads the country’s electricity generation sector and technological innovation since 1999.

The company’s general manager Tito Sanjurjo said Los Cocos wind farm will generate 220 ??million kilowatt/hours of electricity, which can supply 100,000 homes or keep one million low consumption light bulbs lit year round.