Wind Power from Vermont to the World

UVM’s College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences presents “Wind Power from Vermont to the World — Solving Economic, Political and Technical Challenges,” a lecture, free and open to the public, to be held Tuesday, Feb. 5 at 4:30 p.m. in the Davis Center’s Sugar Maple Ballroom.

Jonathan Lynch, chief technology officer, and James Jennings, director of global marketing and product management, will discuss their work at Northern Power Systems, a Vermont company that has been in the wind business since 1974, developing advanced, innovative wind turbines. They will describe how Northern Power is addressing the economic, political and technical challenges associated with wind power on a global level to benefit people and communities.

Lynch joined Northern Power Systems in 1980 and has taken an active role in all aspects of power system design including mechanical and electrical subsystems, and has a strong knowledge of high-reliability, hybrid power systems and distributed generation technology. He has directed numerous research and development programs funded by agencies such as National Renewable Energy Laboratory, National Science Foundation and NASA.

Jennings leads teams for marketing, market analysis, product management and innovation. He is responsible for market strategy, pricing, market intelligence, competitive strategy and advocacy, including energy policy at the federal, state and regional level. Prior to Northern Power, James worked at Green Mountain Coffee and as a management consultant to global companies in the automotive, healthcare, telecommunications and business machines sectors.

Their presentation will be multidisciplinary in nature and accessible to a general audience.

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