The Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Industries

2012 was a dynamic year for the fuel cell and hydrogen industries.

The year saw widespread restructuring, increased rollouts of new business models, a sharp increase in sales and interest in the residential combined heat and power (resCHP) segment, and overall revenue generation of over $1 billion.

The year ahead promises similar upheaval, with increases in total capacity for the fuel cell sector, rollouts of new hydrogen refueling stations, and increasing profitability for leading vendors.

This Pike Research white paper presents the 10 most notable and important trends for the next 12 months in the fuel cell and hydrogen industries, focusing on capacity and revenue generation, business model evolution, and the maturation of the key companies within the sector.

Pike Research’s 10 key trends for 2013 include:

  • New installed capacity in the stationary fuel cell sector will top 200 MW
  • The pace of rollouts of hydrogen refueling stations will accelerate in Europe and Asia Pacific
  • The number of companies with profit per system sold will increase, and 2013 will see the first overall profit-making fuel cell company
  • Private equity and corporate investments from Russia, South Africa, and Asia Pacific will rise
  • Independent power producer (IPP) and energy service company (ESCO) partnerships with utilities will increase
  • Revenue from the sector will increase to more than $2 billion globally in 2013
  • Platinum and palladium shipments into the fuel cell industry will increase
  • Systems with islanding capability will see the strongest shipment increase
  • Fuel cell vehicles will generate large amounts of publicity and interest will be generated around fuel cell vehicles
  • The portable sector will continue to languish, although sales will increase
Key Questions Addressed:
  • What will be the combined revenue of the fuel cell and hydrogen industries in 2013?
  • What will be the chief sources of funding and investment in 2013?
  • Which are the key markets to watch in 2013?
  • How much expansion will occur in the stationary fuel cell sector in 2013?
  • What is the potential impact of Russian investment on the fuel cell and electrolyzer industry?
  • Will there be a profitable fuel cell company in 2013?