Nordex awarded new wind energy contracts in Turkey

Strong sales of wind power systems in Turkey remain a key to the Nordex Group’s success. Now it has received a contract for the construction the Edincik 30-MW wind farm in a project entailing the delivery and installation of twelve N100/2500 multi-megawatt turbines.

“With the ‘Edincik’ project, we have been awarded contracts for a total capacity of more than 170 MW in the year to date and are thus able to continue the strong performance achieved in the previous years,” says Management Board member Lars Bondo Krogsgaard. The customer for the new project, Edincik Elektrik, has owned a Nordex wind farm in the region since 2010. Says Krogsgaard: “In my opinion, follow-up projects are always proof that we are doing something right.”

Work on installing the Edincik wind farm, which is located close to the Marmara Sea, is to commence in spring 2013. The site is characterised by medium to weak wind conditions, which Nordex can harness effectively with the correspondingly certified N100/2500. The calculated annual yield comes to around 95 GWh, equivalent to an above-average capacity factor of 36 percent.

In addition Nordex has been awarded the order for the extension of the wind farm “Susurluk”, which was installed by the manufacturer for the Eksim group in 2010. Nordex will add six N100/2500 systems to the existing 45 MW farm.