Lithium-Sulphur rechargeable battery from PolyPlus may replace Li-Ion batteries

One thing is clear – all our future developments in engineering and technology are going to be controlled by the energy storage mechanisms and engineers are already dedicating their attention to developing newer solutions for energy storage.

PolyPlus Batteries & Johnson Controls have received ARPA-E energy grant to develop ‘aqueous rechargeable Lithium-Sulphur battery’. This new type of battery will have better energy density that the current generation of Lithium-Ion batteries.

Lithium Sulphur Battery Rechargeable

The non-aqueous Li-S batteries have remained within the closed walls of laboratories for over 3 decades because of their non-viability for commercial production.

PolyPlus Batteries has solved most of the hurdles through breakthroughs in Chemistry. The grant will be used to research and develop these batteries with an aim to make them ready for commercial, mass production.